Reality of a random mind.

shit; I'm just a typical college kid on the path to the professional lifestyle ahead of me. Still visualizing, listening, experiencing, and learning through random adventures that i consider stories to my life. Enjoy.
Remember those day we would get Chinese take out and just eat it on the couch chilling the whole day? I always order from the same place cuz we loved the wings and egg rolls? Well now I catch myself ordering food from there for the first time again since we ate it together. The food doesn’t taste the same anymore to me, tastes like something’s missing. I don’t know if it’s salt or another spice or your company with your endless laughs to my jokes while id watch you eat. Now all I can do it watch my food get cold and writing this because the thought and memory of you was brought to my head by Chinese take out. Me thinking too much



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Everyone talks about simplicity but live materialistic lives

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